Relapse rates after lung/liver surgery

Two stories about relapse rates following surgery. One about relapse rates following lung cancer surgery:

The U.S. study of 154 smokers who had surgery to remove early stage lung cancer found that, within 12 months after their surgery, 43 percent of them had picked up a cigarette at some point and 37 percent were actively smoking. Sixty percent of patients who started smoking again did so within two months after their operation.

The second reports encouraging numbers about relapse rates following a liver transplant:

During the first year after transplantation, 22% of subjects had at least 1 drink, 10% had at least 1 heavy drinking episode,* and 5% returned to frequent drinking.** By the fifth post-transplant year, 42% had at least 1 drink, 26% had at least 1 heavy drinking episode, and 20% returned to frequent drinking.

Maybe I’m a hypersensitive to stigma, but I wonder is Forbes would have run an article about patient behavior following heart transplants–compliance rates with diet, exercise and medication.