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SMART Recovery has a Tool Chest and Homework page on their website.

While SMART Recovery differs significantly from our approach (Primarily their assertion that addiction is not a disease, but a result of cognitive distortions.), they are based on Rational Emotive Therapy, which we use often in our programs.

3 thoughts on “Resource for the month

  1. Glad to see this info published from Dawn Farm. Growing up in Ann Arbor, I remember Dawn Farm clients coming into our class to speak about addiction and recovery. SMART has some great things to offer; tools, online meetings, and support. The common goal is recovery, use whatever you need to to get you there!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing the good news about Self-Mangement And Recovery Training (SMART Recovery), the science-based and spirituality-optional suppliment or alternative for self-help and now with SMART Recovery Therapy, for professionals to offer with the rest of their best approaches as an excellent therapy. Thank you for getting he word out. If only more people knew about SMART Recovery’s face to face and on-line meetings and its program as found in the SMART Recovery Handbook, all available at and free for th taking.

  3. I think its an open mind that allows looking at a variety of approached and methods and using what works for the individual. These tools are great for life issues, not just addcition/recovery. Very cool. Thanks for posting this.

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