Helping Smokers Quit: A Role for Smokeless Tobacco?

This paper promoted the use of snus as a form of harm reduction to address the harms associated with smoking.

I felt that three things were striking about the paper:

  1. First, it presents harm reduction as late in coming to tabacco related health problems. I’ve always thought of nicotine replacement (gum, patch, lozenges, inhaler, etc.) as harm reduction and I’ve always thought of it as one of the leading or early harm reduction successes.
  2. Second, it takes a very pessimistic view of smoking cessation.
  3. Third, it pits harm reduction against smoking cessation. This stark dichotomy seems unnessesary.

It turns out that the organization has a long history of taking on the tobacco industry, but it also is not the independent body that is claims to be. They accept money from chemical, oil, alcohol and food producers, and their research has a reputation of being favorable to these interests. Is it possible that they’ve made peace with the tobacco industry?