Should we convert smokers to snuff?

The Wall Street Journal ran a story about snuff and its potential use to reduce smoking and tobacco related illness. William Saletan from Slate Magazine runs down the pros and cons:

Arguments for it: 1) Smoking has stopped declining in the U.S. 2) Most attempts to quit fail, even with counseling and nicotine gums or patches. 3) Studies suggest low-carcinogen varieties of snuff (smokeless tobacco) are 90 percent safer than cigarettes. 4) People are entitled to know this. 5) Switching to snuff appears to have helped Sweden cut smoking to a record low. Arguments against it: 1) Snuff is still bad for you. 2) If we suggest it’s safe, more kids will take it up. 3) Tobacco companies want us to embrace snuff because it’s their new business plan. 4) Without giving in to snuff, California has nearly matched Sweden’s reduction in smoking. (WSJ link requires subscription) (For Human Nature’s take on the crusades against smoking and junk food, click here.)